eventbocs is a bilingual virtual venue that provides real-time, face-to-face engagement in a simple, secure, event platform.

Perfect for:

  • online conferences
  • exhibitions
  • networking
  • exclusive meetings
  • hybrid events



Enables bilingual events at the touch of a button, giving your delegates the option to participate in their preferred language.


eventbocs links with platforms familiar to you and your delegates including YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom.


Delegates can move from room to room from the comfort of their home-office or even on the go from their hand held devices.


Delegate safety and privacy is a top priority at eventbocs.Your events can be private and password protected, or hidden and invite-only. eventbocs will be GDPR compliant to ensure data protection.


What you put in your ‘eventbocs’ is up to you. It could include a reception area to meet and greet your delegates, main ‘plenary room’, breakout rooms, exhibition and networking areas, and even a help desk to keep delegates on-track.


It’s simple to integrate eventbocs with your own brand style. You can apply your brand colours, assets and tone of voice so that your brand will be instantly recognised and your customers will feel right at home.

environmentally friendly

No travel time means more convenience for delegates and reduces their carbon-footprint!

Contact details

Email: info@eventbocs.wales

Telephone: +44 (0) 844 736 6150